VIPUN Medical

Personalised and safe medical nutrition through stomach monitoring

VIPUN Medical is a privately-owned, KU Leuven spin-off, located in Mechelen, Belgium. We develop a novel method to feed critically ill and other vulnerable patients. The VIPUN™ Gastric Monitoring System aims to make it easy for medical staff to make a well-informed and faster nutrition therapy decision thus reducing malnutrition and feeding-related complications.

Medical Need

Nutritional support is widely accepted as an integral part of patient care, when normal food intake is not possible. Adequate nutrition improves clinical outcomes, while malnutrition is associated with increased morbidity and mortality rates.

Several factors, such as feeding tube positioning problems or gastrointestinal intolerance, contribute to the overall incidence of malnutrition which could be as high as 50% in Intensive Care Units. Even medical staff’s general fear of undiagnosed gastrointestinal intolerance can lead to malnutrition.


The VIPUN™ Catheter is a double lumen nasogastric balloon catheter with integrated feeding lumen.
The VIPUN™ Control System controls volume and measures air pressure in the balloon, thus providing crucial information about the patients’ stomach motility and
can be used by HCP’s to guide appropriate medical nutrition strategies tailored to the patients gastro intestinal activity.

The VIPUN™ GMS is not available for commercial use in any geography.


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Nico Van Tichelen
Nico Van TichelenChief Executive Officer
Nico Van Tichelen has over 18 years of experience in clinical research, sales and marketing in the medical device industry. Prior to founding VIPUN Medical he served as European Marketing Manager for Abbott Vascular, a division of Abbott Laboratories. Nico holds a master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Antwerpen.
Pieter Janssen